Don't Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Last Update: April 18, 2019

If I had one piece of advice to give anyone starting out with Wealthy Affiliate is to be fearless. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

My One Regret in Training

I let fear of making a mistake or screwing up control me when I was choosing my niche. Instead of choosing one of the ones I really want to do, I chose a niche sort of related to my passions as a practice site or a learning experiment.

What does that mean now, three months later?

I am struggling to stay interested in my practice niche. I wish I wouldn't have feared mistakes because I could have been so far along by now! I have a few passions that I'll turn into websites, eventually.

Why Only One Site?

To do your best work, you need to focus. No one is as good at multitasking as they think they are. I can't even count how many people I've seen on Wealthy Affiliate regretting that they didn't stick to one website through training. Some even regret having multiple websites after training!

Before that, I knew that blogging and writing is a lot of work. I've been a writer for decades. I've made websites back when you actually had to learn HTML. I have an old blog from five years ago my cousin is writing on now. I've got oodles of experience knowing creating and maintaining a website isn't easy, especially if you have a day job.

So until I finish level five, I'm stuck with my niche.

Now, I will make my 'real' website after training. I won't 'give up' my practice site, nor will I ever stop working on it. Who knows, it may make me a few hundred dollars a year being mostly inactive. It's happened before.

New to Wealthy Affiliate?

If you're new to Wealthy Affiliate, I have only a few words of wisdom for you.

  • Choose a Niche You're Passionate About!
  • Affiliate Marketing takes work and time to succeed. It needs a small amount of money invested, with website domains and hosting at the very least. If you need money now, get a job or a side gig, this is not where you'll 'get-rich-quick'.
  • You only fail if you quit. Again, this is not a way to get-rich-quick, so if you understand that you can succeed.
  • Do Your Best! You won't succeed putting out half-assed crap content you don't bother to spell check. Put it some effort! Do the best work you can.
  • INTEGRETY!! I can't stress this enough. Tricks, promoting scams, or lying to get sales, this doesn't work for long if you ever get it to work. You want a business that lasts and can be passive income. If you can't show off your site with pride, if you have to lie or trick people, you CAN and will fail, possibly with a jail sentence.
  • Help people, don't sell to them. Kyle says this a lot. Help your audience, don't push crappy products onto them.
  • Follow successful examples, away from WA. Take a look at your favorite blogs and see what they're doing. Look at their comment section and Facebook page and Twitter account. See what makes them successful. Take a step away from WA and look at the successful blogs online you run across. Don't plagiarized but notice how they connect with their readers. Sometimes our training makes us blind to other things.
  • Respect. Treat people how you want to be treated. I do this every day, put myself in other people's shoes. Treat fellow affiliate marketers and bloggers and our audience with respect. No one likes rudeness, negativity, or drama. Help out people who you see struggling, be supportive, and listen and connect with your audience.
  • Focus! One site at a time until that site is up and running. One training at a time. One day at a time. You'll get much better results faster!
  • Promote products you believe in. You can still make money off a product you gave a negative review, just be an affiliate. Don't just promote what expensive crazy product you think will make the most. Research your products.
  • Write with personality. Don't write dull research papers. Be yourself and fun!

Believe in Yourself!

Don't get me wrong, I think the training and resources here at Wealthy Affiliate are top-notch. I only wished I had believed in myself more to brave my real passion instead of a practice niche. I am having fun learning, definitely. I learn something new every day.

Just believe in yourself!

That's my only regret here at Wealthy Affiliate. What's your one regret during training? Or after?

Lovies! ❤️

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TDomena Premium
Great post. I think you gave some great tips. I can't agree with you more about focusing. I was one of "those people" who grossly underestimated what it took. I have sense shelved all of my other ideas and chosen to work on one.
I also like your tip about looking outside of WA. I think we can get tunnel vision, but this isn't the only place you can draw inspiration from. There are lots of great people and examples, but so are there outside also.
Great nuggets!
Selenityjade Premium
I think that there are so many fine examples of success independent of WA, who came across their success by figuring things out on their own, and honestly, WA or not, I try to draw inspiration from blogs I follow. We do tend to get tunnel vision focusing on this one way and forget there are millions of success stories unrelated to WA.

Perhaps because a lot of WA focuses on the MMO niche, which holds little interest to me. :) I'll go through boot camp eventually because WA is definitely awesome training resource, but yeah. I think we have our blind spots. :)
Swangirl Premium
I agree! I agree with everything you said. However, why wait to switch niches? Yes, you should only work on one to start but maybe you would be better off switching now. I was shocked how quickly I set up my second site after I learned how to do it with the first. Of course that was 2 years in but my first site was a real interest anyway.

I guess you might get to that level soon anyway (finishing the training) but if it is slowing you down to be stuck in a niche you don't want to be in then I would just switch now! You will still be working on one niche...just the right one.

I went back to focusing on just one. I couldn't really juggle both.
Selenityjade Premium
I know! I should just switch now but I'm in the home stretch with training so I'd feel like giving up if I don't finish with it. I'm a little stubborn :)
Swangirl Premium
As long as you are happy!
AllenWill Premium
Totally agree!
Great post.
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!