Class, Not Flash! (No Animations, Please.)

Last Update: June 07, 2019

I thought I'd share a lesson I learned while visiting so many websites lately. It's a very easy lesson.

Simple is always the best way to go. On Facebook, it's fun to see gifs in comments or flashing lights but honestly? It's not a fun experience for a website visitor.

If I see animations, I hit the back button in my normal website visiting. One that is there to make a point is okay. An ENTIRE article filled with gifs is seriously overwhelming, annoying, and unnecessary and I will leave the site, ASAP.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to do Site Feedback and Site Comments, at least once a day. I try to give people a little more patience. I can't point out the flaw in their design in Site Comments, but you bet I point those out in Site Feedback.

What NOT to Do on a Website

  • Animations - HUGE No. No gifs, no sparkly whatever, no flashing lights, no shockwave, no. It's annoying. It can set off seizures in epilepsy suffers. It slows down your site. It's just bad.
  • Floating Social Media Icons - ....why? Seriously? They make me REFUSE to touch them. They taunt me the whole time I'm on the website. They move and they're distracting.
  • Bright colors - don't blind your audience

What is GOOD on a Website

  • White background, black text. You can spice it up by using a light gray background, if you want. But really. White background, black text. Add faint, appealing colors to the OUTSIDSE of the main blog roll.
  • Simple, appealing STATIC pictures. They shouldn't move.
  • Simple but readable is better than busy and distracting.

You Don't Want to Make Your Audience Sick

I got a little motion sick from one website, just because I've got a minor headache, I'm very hot right now, and already tired, and too many moving things just made me motion sick. I'm not even exaggerating. I tried to stick it out and that was my mistake. If I wasn't so hot, tired and headachey, I'd have probably been fine.

But y'all. Simple is best. Don't add crazy to your website. The content is what matters. Spice it up with a picture or two. A video. But crazy graphics that move or sparkle? You're doing your business in.

Honestly, I don't think anyone loved them when there were popular in the late 90s and they definitely are not in fashion now. They look tacky. They are a distraction, and not a pleasant one. Don't sabotage your business by adding extras where you need none.

Class, not flash, folks!


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JaneMahlehle Premium
Agreed! Thanks.
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!
Tmgreen Premium
Good advice. It's a major distraction. Your visitors are looking for information and recommendations.


Selenityjade Premium
Yeah, it makes no sense to distract your audience from your content at all. If they're looking at flashy colors and moving social media buttons, they're not paying attention to how awesome you think this product is.

They were probably wondering how to get those buttons to stop moving. Hee.
ShaneLacey Premium
Thank You, I agree with your synopsis 100%. Regards Shane.
SondraM Premium
I agree with you. 100%.

If I want to watch things moving around, I'll choose to watch a YouTube video. But, I don't want the video to start playing by itself either.
Selenityjade Premium
I agree! I hate it when they automatically start playing too!

But when so many things are moving, I don't even get to read what's on the site. It's seriously distracting. I want to read the content, not have to find the annoying video and turn it off. LOL!

I don't mind a video embedded in the post, that isn't what I am talking about. I just read a site where ALL the images (and there were one image every other paragraph) were gifs. Moving, annoying gifs you'd see on Facebook comments or in your feed. Like, what?

Then add pop-ups and that moving social media button thing, I really should have left.
DaisyK78 Premium
Interesting blog.
Not sure if I totally agree or not yet lol.
Some good points you make, but am wondering if depending on your subject would depend on what you put on your site, you may need some flashy things as part of your discussion.
Just a thought.
You got me thinking though
Kind Wishes
Selenityjade Premium
One flash for something specific or an embedded video you can turn on when you want isn't a problem.

It's a problem when things are moving on the page, buttons are trying to move to stay on the left-hand side, and pictures are moving, and it's distracting the audience from what you're trying to write. Flashy stuff is only going to appeal to a small percentage of people. Minimal design that forces them to focus only on your written content, with attention-seeking fonts for your call-to-action is WAY better than 14 gifs in one 800 word post.

Plus a moving social media buttons... I can't even stress enough how distracting that is.
DaisyK78 Premium
The moving social media buttons and pop ups definitely annoying and distracting. Thanks so much for your advice
Kind wishes