Advice: Be Relevant to Your Niche

Last Update: April 30, 2019

Hey, fellow affiliate marketing entrepreneurs! I've been noticing an interesting trend lately when I do comments. Wealthy Affiliate reviews posted on niche websites that makes no sense to do.

Kyle states this multiple times during training that you want to be relevant. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mainly:

  • People searching within your niche want to read about your niche.
  • You lose return visitors when you aren't writing what your audience wants to read (your niche)
  • Not professional
  • It's confusing

Let's use a hugely successful site, The Penny Hoarder, as an example. It started off as a small blog and has multiple writers and staff now. It's about money, saving money, side gigs, how to go on vacation on a budget, how to pay off debt, best fee-free banking options, that kind of thing. It's a huge niche with the potential for a ton more posts.

You think that they just randomly posted a movie review or restaurant review in the middle of their money saving tips, that would make sense? Or if they posted about toothbrush cleaning? Or how to build a model airplane? They definitely wouldn't be clearing the millions they do today if they weren't producing what readers return to their site for: money.

Don't Review Wealthy Affiliate on an Unrelated Niche Site

We all love Wealthy Affiliate. That's why we're here. But you aren't going to get visitors or conversions promoting Wealthy Affiliate on a quilting site. You're going to confuse your audience and maybe one out of a thousand readers might be interested. They read your site for quilting, not online business.

They will not read your post! Unless that particular post gets ranked in Google. Then people researching making money online are going to be confused as to why the rest of the site is about quilting. You will not succeed this way.

I'm uncertain you could get to the first page of Google doing this, even. It's not a relevant post to your site and I am sure Google could figure it out.

But you really want to get referrals and love WA?

First, I HIGHLY suggest building a Make Money Online site and go through the Wealthy Affiliate boot camp courses. That is going to bring you the most success promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Tastefully Promote WA on an Unrelated Niche Site

Notice that I said don't review. It's okay if you want to put a Wealthy Affiliate button in the side or footer, stating you are a proud member. Maybe a VERY small mention in your About Me page.

Don't overdo it!

This method might get you a referral now and then, but it's going to be pretty small number. People going to your niche site want informative posts about the niche. They aren't likely to jump over here because of a button or a tiny link in your About Me page.

Also, sharing occasional blog posts on your personal social media accounts could net you a referral. An occasional shared blog post to your niche social media is acceptable, but don't drive your subscribers away by spamming your site's Facebook page with irrelevant content.

Stick to Your Niche

I can't stress enough that this is important. You don't want to have Wealthy Affiliate reviews on a marriage counseling site or the like. It's confusing to me, and I'm in affiliate marketing. Think about your audience. Put yourself in their place. Google anything, then imagine the site is filled with unrelated information.

If you're struggling with your niche, you can switch to the boot camp training and build a whole new site to promote making money online services, including Wealthy Affiliate.

You could have both sites, although I recommend focusing on one at a time during training.

You could create a personal blog that's not niche specific and post about anything you want.

But dog grooming site with a Wealthy Affiliate review is not going to help you at all.


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Swangirl Premium
Great points! I agree. I agree. I agree.
I have seen many sites that are a hodgepodge of all different topics and it is so confusing!

I am glad you mentioned there can be a time and place to share a little bit about WA as well.

Generally I believe in sticking with your niche 100% however I have found one exception. On Twitter I have promoted WA on my account that is generally pet related. I get quite a bit of interest when I do and I even got a premium referral this way. The key is that I didn't start posting anything about WA early on. I built up a following who trusted me first (posting about WA didn't even occur to me at first). When I posted about building your own website to help pets, there was interest!

If there is a way to segway your niche into a start your own website type post on social media it can work. I got a premium referral from Facebook the same way.

Generally I stick to my niche however and I have not advertised WA at all on my niche websites.

Thanks for the pointers! Many new members would benefit from keeping an uncluttered website.

Selenityjade Premium
I do the same thing on social media myself. I simply share interesting blog posts I like. Or tips that I think are important. But I also do memes and fun stuff too, related to my niche (or a kitten, because they're cute). I have a little website button from WA I have on my site and one mention in my about me page, and it only JUST occurred to me to do that this week.

Now, I'm also a giant Ibotta fan (it's a grocery cash back app) and get bonuses for referrals who use it, but I'm not about to post the referral link on my site. That would be completely random, not even website related. WA at least is hosting my site, so kind of relevant to include a button or whatever in a footer or side widget.

I've just seen a lot of WA reviews lately in the site comments on sites it makes absolutely zero sense on and I'm like what?

I am doing ereaders. I can't even begin to guess how I'd incorporate WA posts. But I can, on social media, say, wonder how I learned WordPress, check this out! Occasionally anyway. I do a lot of blog post sharing to Twitter more, or my personal FB.

But I do it in a way that is more 'hey this is interesting!" because FB pages should share fun as well as relevant, there's more leeway.

I didn't begin in the MMO niche because I wasn't sure I would be happy with WA enough to promote it. Now? Sure, I might do boot camp eventually. But definitely not on my site now.