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I was retired due to a lay off at work and eventually the closing of the private college I worked for. Since then I have been living on Spousal Social Security. There never is enough money to buy necessities, let alone to do anything interesting. So I decided to unretire myself and struggle to learn how to blog on the internet. I want to inspire my generation to keep on keeping on. Where there is a will, there is a way.
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sminman7 Premium
Hi Sharolyn,
It is a pleasure to meet you with WA! You will find many of this great community are also "unretired", it is great to be creative and learn something new and challenging! Wishing you much success in all you do!
Michael Inman
Cherry21 Premium
Welcome to WA community. I hope what you see will make you want to stay. If you have any questions just ask.
Shoot for the stars. See you in the sky.
Terand Premium
Thank you for the follow, Sharolyn! Wishing you all the best to your success! :o)
MMacLeod Premium
Thanks for following.

LadyLou Premium
Thank you for following, I have followed back, if I can help in any way, on hereI If I can’t help at least I can point you in the direction of someone who can .
Best wishes
I earned my Master's Degree in Theology in 1980. Then I needed to go back to work after my divorce, so I went back to college in 2005 and earned my Associate in Science Degree in Computer Information Services in 2006.
At the same time I raised my three children, my ex's two children, and helped his two grown step-daughters to navigate the adult world.
My interests are many but if I really have to narrow then down, they would be, cooking, gardening, writing, inspiration, healthy food, new technology, and anything how to which helps me to learn new and advanced ideas.
j52powell Premium
Thanks a lot for following me. All success to you here at WA.

Your welcome and thanks Joe, I am working on gaining information presently. It is a great deal of information but I am up for the challenge.
MMacLeod Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

Thank you. It looks like a great place to learn what I need to learn.
I am hoping to make enough money to pay for my blog and then to exceed the amount every month. Once I do, I will feel I have begun my journey to be able to pay my own way in the world. My confidence has been shot since I got laid off and am too old to get a job the old fashioned way. I went back to school to get my AS degree in Computer Information Services. I already had a Master's Degree in Theology. I want to be able to understand how to use Affiliate Marketing to actually survive in my retirement years. At this point.
My sleep cycles are interrupted with concern and I want to learn what I need to learn in order to make money rather than spending money. I am also homeless. I am staying a friends right now but I need to make my own way.
I can use all the help I can get since I am on my own.