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September 03, 2017
If you’re not already A wealthy Affiliate site hosted I recommend you do it for many reasons I found vital.Yes, may be some other web hosters are cheaper, they are not specialized in WordPress and that can leave many holes for hackers to attack your website. Since WordPress is the most popular open source content management system out there, many hackers find Woedpress platform an easy target.With Wealthy Affiliate your website is much more protected against attacks. Personally I’ve
August 29, 2017
The last couple weeks I was visiting friends that I haven’t spent time with in quite awhile. It was great to reconnect, catch up, etc. BUT, there was an important lesson that I learned (or maybe relearned). Lots of lessons really, but just one that I wanted to mention briefly today.You see, this group of friends has a very can-do attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I would say that’s true of most people I spend time with. But this is on a different level. Pretty much anything you mi
August 24, 2017
DeterminationMany people are determined to succeed. Some more determined than others, but determined nonetheless. Some will succeed and others will fail with their business voyage. Anyone can have a great business idea. It is the determined individual that harnesses their drive and acts on it with full thrust towards success.Success in life can be measured in many ways: family, Money, loved ones who care. Once again, It is the determined individual that doesn’t throw in the towel on the
August 11, 2017
Did you ever wonder about what makes a website pull money and what makes it do not. Well I hope in this short post to reveal some of the most important elements that makes a website Successful. Is you website simple and clean? Does your website have Annoying pop ups and auto running videos? Does you website have good and original content? Is your site a trustful side that says the truth to readers? Is your website connected to low and spammy websites? Is your website mobile friendly and Google
August 10, 2017
Create quality contentThe best thing that you can do to increase your rankings with Google is to run a quality site You’ll also want to focus on the quality of the text. Search engines want to see enough of text with correct grammar and spelling. It will also need to be exactly what people are looking for when they read the preview of your siteCreate original content.You’ll be doomed for duplicating your content over different pages of your site and you’ll also be wacked for
August 09, 2017
If you are spending any amount of marketing budget on display advertising or having ADsense Advertisement on your website, you’ll want to know which banner size is the most effective to generate impressions, clicks and ultimately sales.Here are the most important banner sizes on the Google Adwords display network:The top 3 banner sizes comprise 80% of all served ad impressions:Medium Rectangle: 300×250Leaderboard: 728×90Wide Skyscraper: 160×600The above banners made more
August 06, 2017
Now that you did everything possible and needed to successfully graduate yourself at Wealthy Affiliate the big question is what do I actually need and where should I start and what should I actually do or listen to to become profitable.Well I’ve been here for more than 4 years and managed to build 18 websites mostly Amazon sites and 4 are affiliate sites promoting WA.I’ve made some mistakes that if were to be avoided I could’ve tripled my profits. Such as having opened too man
August 04, 2017
Amazing!! Dave Wood just closes Empower Network and then still believes he is a God and will forgive people who pray to forgive him! Then he now has plans to launch another program which undoubtedly will scam people yet again. Unfortunately some folk just never learn, will be taken in by his story and yet again will start sending him their hard earned money. Read the full story here...
August 02, 2017
My Amazon small Niche WebsitesHope this would help motivate all of you and yes everything can be done if you have the well and patiencehttps://ecodrivecitizenwatch.c...http://citizenwatches.siterubi...http://canondigitalcameras.sit...https://shouldibuyrefurbishedl...
August 01, 2017
Please pardon I've not been able to contribute much here due to the fact I'm really busy with 18 successful websites. This is my 4rth year here and I do thank WA and all of your here for my dramatic success. I'd love tt share with you the amount of traffic generated on one of my very successful sight. Again I'm glad to be here with you, you are my true family.