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March 01, 2017
I still see questions from members regarding Wealthy Affiliate Paypal commission payment. This is the easiest thing here, once you've opened a paypal account just come back to your account here at WA and set it up, all you need is your email address to Paypal, make sure it is the same email you used to open your Paypal account. Your can set the amount to be paid out ranges from 20$ to whatever you number you wish. This is it, just set tight the commission will be automatically sent to your Payp
November 21, 2016
Have You Wondered?May be some of you are still wondering what happened to that little green rectangular on Google's toolbar that used to be called the page rank bar.Well.....Google has confirmed again that it has removed its Toolbar PageRank. That means that if you are using a tool or a browser that shows you PageRank data from Google is no longer valid.Google Also added that the company still uses PageRank data internally within the ranking algorithm, but the external PageRank values shown in
February 28, 2016
Why Aren't My Amazon Clicks converting?As a matter of fact, this post was my answer to one of our fellow members wondering why his Amazon clicks are hardly converting even though they are so many. Whether or not this was the right answer to his problem, I decided to make this as a post because it contains the single most important key factor for conversions when promoting affiliate products regardless to the source and that is... The power to convince the people to buy with a killer product re
September 28, 2015
Pingbacks are a good way to notify someone you have linked in your article, It will help you to build a friendship with the niche bloggers. If you are lucky enough they may do the same for you and it helps to increase Page Rank of your blog.How does this work?When someone links your content the author will get email notification about the pingback but this may become very annoying when you link your own content in the article resulting pingback notifications to your Email. The worst part is tha
June 22, 2015
This what I just received from Kyle in a private Message...5 sales down!!!Just wanted to personally thank you for your hard work on your WA promotions thus far. Kudos to you on your 5 Premium referrals thus far, you are off and running here and I have no doubts it is going to be a matter of time before your campaigns really start to ignite. Now that you have 5 sales, you are granted “Active Affiliate” status within Wealthy Affiliate and this means I am going to be sending you insider info ab
May 28, 2015
The sky is falling!” screamed Chicken Little. Except it isn’t just one Chicken Little but a massive mob of them, all declaring that SEO is dead.Yes! Google has figured it all out...Yes! Google has pushed out too many changes...Yes! Google has shut down link building...Yes! Google has killed SEO...Of course, You can choose to believe it if you want. But you aren’t imagining it if you think you can hear the sound of quiet laughter somewhere in the background.But You know who’s chuckling? I
May 26, 2015
Last Monday Obama registered a new, personal Twitter account. Sure, there was already a @BarackObama account, but that is mostly run by his staff. This new account, @POTUS, will allow the president to "engage directly with the American people, with tweets coming exclusively from him. Of course there was a mad rush of activity on his new account, causing him to break the previous Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers, held by Robert Downey Jr.Why am I mentioning
March 31, 2015
In case you hadn't heard, in April 21 Google will be rolling out A pretty major changes and updates to it's rankings and algorithms. Essentially, if your site isn't mobile friendly" (ie, doesn't look good on cell phones or small screen devices, your website ranking will drop. Apparently, somewhere of in the neighborhood of 60% of website traffic in now for mobile devices, so, this is definitely something you should be concerned with. So, I'd recommend making sure your website is up-to- s
January 01, 2015
Just want to take the time to wish you all the greatest new year health and financial alike. Sam
December 25, 2014
Just want to take a minute off to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Also do hope that your 2015 new year resolution is to be healthier than ever before and to see Kyle n Carson inVegas. Sam Ammouri