Questions by Seelady 6

Can anyone here translate a document that is in russian?
The document is either Russian or Ukranian (I think)
3 years ago 20 Replies
How do you remove hyphen from the end of post title?
When I post an article on Facebook or Google+, there is a hyphen or dash…
4 years ago 23 Replies
Strange user on google analytics?
I installed Google Analytics today and I've had a user from Samara, Russia…
5 years ago 3 Replies
Disable ads on about me and privacy policy pages?
Is there no easy way to disable ads on my "About Me" and "Privacy Policy"…
6 years ago 6 Replies
Can you make posts not duplicate on multiple pages?
Does anyone know how to make posts not appear on multiple pages? For example:…
6 years ago 7 Replies