How To Add or Remove a Comment Box

Last Update: October 16, 2015

Sometimes there is no comment box displayed on pages and posts in certain themes. I have noticed that this is a common question, so I wanted to make a little blog with the answer to make it easy:

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard,
  • Select either "Pages" or "Posts", whichever you want to edit
  • The list of "Pages" or "Posts" will be displayed
  • Hover over the “Page” or “Post” you want to edit
  • Click on “Quick Edit” (Not “Edit”)
  • Select or De-select the “Allow Comments” box over to the right
  • Click “Update”
  • Test your “Page” or “Post” to make sure it’s working
  • Repeat as needed
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Adam77 Premium
Wow. Your post saved me a lot of frustration. Thanks for the information.

- Adam
Abs225 Premium
You are the best! I have utilised alot of your posts. If you can't find the comment box straight away, its right above the 'status'. Thanks Seelady! :-)
Just added comment to my getting started page!
Phoenix2015 Premium
This post really helped me, I could add a comment box by learning from this post. Thanks,
ConeyM Premium
Super idea. Thanks.
Loes Premium
It's quite an issue:) just read a tutorial about it too:)