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Search Engine Optimization - Classroom Overview
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so you can achieve the highest…
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Why are images considered "pages" in site audit?
Hi everyone,I've been working on trying to improve my site SEO and I've run some site audits on my site…
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I have both a ua and g4 google analytics help?
I have both a UA and G4 Google analytics (don’t ask how that happened) and it is causing serious…
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I am not sure if a specific domain is a good idea or not?
Hello friends, I have been doing some research on a possible new site to build. I found a domain that…
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Seo mega title. there is no bar or word count?
I'm setting up my SEO and typing in the mega title fields but I do not see a word count or a green or…
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How does google indexing work for posts?
How long does it take Google to index posts? Google indexed my site about 1 week after being set up…
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Google analytics and monsterinsights search console?
Hello, not sure if this is the right group, I have been trying to get google search console to work,…
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Insert google url into my seo settings?
Hi all,I'm with WA less than a month now and I'm at the stage of Training where you can connect Google…
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How and where do I activate my seo?
how and where do I activate my SEO?
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Site maps do I have to update each time I do a post?
I need to update the site map on GoogleSearch. Does this happen automatically, or do I have to do something?
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Inserting meta tgas on seo homepage?
Anyone know how to insert affiliate link or word into the meta homepage on WordPress SEO for verification…
1 week ago 7 Replies
How would sitecontent inform my content is not original?
I have used Fiverr to create some posts for me and when put in SiteContent, I could not see anything…
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What type of hosting is provided at wa?
Can you explain the exact type of hosting we have here at Wealthy Affiliate?Is it shared hosting?Can…
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Should I use different keywords on my website?
Should I use numerous keywords on my website. If so, how many?
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What do you think of adsense?
What do you guys think of Adsense? I've been having around 15 to 20 users a day on my site with Adsense,…
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Does aiseo length of description, post title affect ranking?
Hi, just wanted to confirm.Is it true that in the AISEO section of the posts that we put up on our site,…
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Why am I not getting indexed suddenly?
Hi...I've been regularly posting articles for several months now. All of my articles were getting indexed…
1 week ago 28 Replies
How to fix errors with rss feed in pinterest?
Hello everyone,Not sure if anyone can guide me on how to troubleshoot this.I kept getting emails from…
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Can you update your article titles after indexing?
Hi WA Community,I'm in the process of updating some old posts that need work. All of them have been…
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How to alter meta description length + post title length?
Hi, How do I alter length of post title and meta description length.On post title it says recommended…
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All of my articles are not google indexed?
Hi, My first article was published 2 or 3 months ago and is still not indexed. My Website is indexed,…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
What exactly does the google search c. for the site help me?
I just learned something, very hard, with Google Analytics and I have to study Google Search Console.…
2 weeks ago 11 Replies
Changing the title of a post to target a new keyword?
Is it okay to change the title of an old post to target a new keyword?Thanks!
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
On the dashboard under pages is a listing of all my pages?
Over on the dashboard under pages is a listing of all my pages. There is the SEO column on the right,…
2 weeks ago 5 Replies
Can you use incognito for google uk?
HiI often check keywords in google incognito using Ctrl + Shift + n. This allows me to have a google…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
Why does a person's ranking level drop ?
How do you maintain and keep your Ranking level from droping ?
2 weeks ago 21 Replies
How to fix the html size?
Hello everyone,My BWT's SEO report said,One of the URLs has over 125 KB in HTML size.The evaluated size…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
Is it important to follow seo meta title and description?
So I don't think I've seen this in the Bootcamp training(maybe Im not far enough) but I wanted to know…
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Should categories be be index id?
All the time I thought categories should be indexed. But now Google says today with me, in the console,…
2 weeks ago 8 Replies
There is a seo issue for me can you help?
Hi I just wanted to ask that if what is showed in the picture below in the SEO. There are boxes with…
2 weeks ago 1 Reply
Site health status help with php?
My site health status informs me I'm running on an older version of PHP (7.3.9) and should be updated…
2 weeks ago 5 Replies
Is anyone else having difficulty accessing google analytics?
The last couple of days, I have not been able to even access Google Analytics website. It won't come…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
How come 'mobile preview' looks different in wordpress?
When I look at my homepage from 2 different mobile phones, my homepage looks quite normal.But when I…
3 weeks ago 3 Replies
Does anyone use rank math?
Just wondering if anyone uses Rank Math rather than AIOSEO? And if so what are your thoughts?CheersMark
3 weeks ago 21 Replies
Tutorial for multiple websites on analytics?
Can someone do a tutorial for setting up multiple websites with analytics?
3 weeks ago 4 Replies
How to index your post in google?
I really want an answer on this question, because none of my content is indexed in google yet, am I…
3 weeks ago 14 Replies
Will this affect or kill my ranking?
If I insert a banner ad at the end of each article, will this affect or kill my ranking?
3 weeks ago 8 Replies
Can someone explain how to fix "no follow" attributes?
I have 37 outgoing internal links that contain nofollow attributes. I found these warnings by doing…
3 weeks ago 18 Replies
Does anyone use the schemafaq in all in one seo?
I am not even sure what I am asking, but I have a question about the schema/FAQ functionality in AIO…
3 weeks ago 8 Replies
Site content not accurately reflecting indexing?
Hi WA,I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I have a quick question regarding indexing.Several of my…
4 weeks ago 28 Replies
How can I fix redirect errors?
Google Search Console is recommending that I fix a Redirect Error. Can someone help me understand how…
1 month ago 10 Replies
How long before I see myself in the search results?
Hey guys, I hope I don't come off as the guy who wants to make money fast, I totally get it, you got…
1 month ago 16 Replies
Bing is showing a bad url for my site: how to fix?
So I was looking at the Site Explorer on Bing's Webmaster Tools and it is showing a URL that is getting…
1 month ago 16 Replies
Do I need to request indexing for each post?
Many of you know of my struggles trying to get indexed on google. I have gone over my site carefully…
1 month ago 11 Replies
Would you make a seperate page on your site with videos?
So I have big plans on expanding my Youtube channel in 2022 with weekly DIY crafting videos for miniaturists.I…
1 month ago 6 Replies
What is this 'anchor texts' all about?
Hello wonderful people,I noticed under SEO -> Backlinks in Bing Webmaster Tools, there is an 'Anchor…
1 month ago 10 Replies
Any ideas of how to fix ga4?
Ok, so I do have the global tag installed with GP Elements with a hook. I have been using google analytics…
1 month ago 4 Replies
Are these kinds of backlinks spam?
Dears,Does any if you have these kinds of backlinks? I found them in Ubersuggest report. None if the…
1 month ago 17 Replies
A little bit confused about when to add affiliate links?
So, classes here on WA say that you should only start to add affiliate links on a new website when you…
1 month ago 12 Replies
Can you get a 404 because of a free image?
I am a bit puzzled at the moment.I was conducting a free audit on my website, and when I received the…
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