In webmasterm tools I am getting an error: Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Under Issue it says Empty SItemap. Under sitemap It says /sitemap.xml.


The other error is a general http error 404 not found. Under this sitemap I tried using my site /


I have the wordpress plugin googlexmlsitemaps


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techhound Premium Plus
Hey Scotty,
That's strange. I looked at your sitemap

and it is definitely there. I would try resubmitting and see what happens. If that doesn't work, perhaps contact support and see what they say.

Best Regards,
cybridge Premium
Try this...

View sitemap errors

If you're having problems submitting a Sitemap, make sure that the URLs in your Sitemap include the URL of your site exactly as it appears in your Webmaster Tools account. For example, if you have added the site to Webmaster Tools, don't list URLs in this format: Instead, use
cybridge Premium
Read it carefully.
tommydillard Premium
Did you add the Google sitemap plug-in to your site?
mackiejw Premium
No idea.