im trying to figure out whats better for seo help. yoast or all in one seo. any one have any idea?

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judebanks Premium
I have used both and prefer the All in One SEO for its ease of use and being a lightweight plugin.

The founder Michael Torbet sold it a few months ago to new owners Awesome Motive. They are planning to add new features and improvements.

Anyone interested can read about it at:

JaneMahlehle Premium
I use the WA recommended All in one SEO plug-in. Seems to work great for me. Plus it saves my site from plugin overload.
Triblu Premium
Hey Nicholas,

Kyle teaches us to use the All In One SEO Pack plugin and all other marketers who walk circles around me when it comes to SEO, also recommend this plugin... so... I prefer to use the All In One SEO Pack plugin.

Am too busy creating content to fuss over what Kyle (and other pros) recommend using.

Hope you find this helpful.
greensail Premium
I found Yoast "heavy" lots of whizbang things that are not of much use.
AIO was OK, good reliable SEO,
I have had Rank Math for the last 8 or 9 months, and I have no inclination to go anywhere else.
lesabre Premium
Hi Nicholas, like keishalina states AIO is pretty much the default SEO.
The big guys like Kyle, not sure about Carson, but Jay also uses AIO.
They both have their separate benefits. Try both of them, and find out which one you prefer. Make sure you back up your site first.
I personally use Rank Math as my SEO after playing around with both Yoast and AIO.

All the best,