I know that WP automatically puts my blog/page title as H1.

Q1 - Is it better to go from H2, H3 etc throughout the rest of your blog to get it more SEO'd or does it have no bearing on SEO whatsoever?

Q2 - I quite like H3 on the rest of my posts after the title, and I know Kyle uses this. I've used both, depending on the blog I'm doing. But I'd like to be uniform from post to post on my site, or doesn't this matter with SEO?

I often read others sticking by the H2, H3 etc as that is what is being taught in many courses out there. It just seems that everyone is right, thus my confusion! Like everyone, I want to do all I can to get the search engines to find my site and rank it as well as I can. My site is http://anxietybitz.com

Thanks everyone.


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Mark Tait Premium
Hi - it depends on the theme how big H1 and H2 etc are - there are two answers here.

1) If there is no H1, or H2, but there is a H3 - then THAT is the heading that Google etc will pick up. It's a header tag - so don't get worried about it not being found.

2) If you are still worried and want to use a H1 anyway, you could always use the editor in WordPress to change the StyleSheet.css file (if you know what you're doing). You can copy the H3 style information, to the H1 tag within the CSS file.

I realise this is something a lot of people may not be comfortable doing - but if people would like to know how, I'd be happy to record a short video demonstrating it.

I hope this helps,

AnnieB Premium
Hey Mark thanks for this feedback. My themes default title is set at H1. I'd no idea the H1, etc text size was different form theme to theme, so that was really interesting to learn. Is CSS similar to HMTL text coding? I'm very wary of touching/adjusting anything on the theme due to knowing close to zilch about, coding. However, I'm heading off to learn a bit about HMTL in the next few days. If you want to make a video then please do so, I'll watch it, and I appreciate the offer of help.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Annie - yes it is similar to HTML, but just concentrates on how things appear on the screen (fonts, colours, sizes etc) - where as HTML concentrates on the actual content.

Don't be scared to experiment - just copy and paste the css code into your notepad or wordpad before making changes within Wordpress - then if you do make a mistake, you can just copy from your local notepad back into Wordpress again.

A good resource to start with is: http://www.w3schools.com/css/

I will definitely put a video together - it catches me by surprise when I find out I know something that others don't !!! I really don't mean that in a pompous way - just an enlightening way - that means I could be more help here, and give a little back, rather than just take all the time.

All the best, Mark
georama Premium
My cocern is that your post should be readable without giving strain to eyes.
boomergp08 Premium
I follow Kyle's view and only use H3 and H4 tags, though for the most part on 2 of my 3 websites I use H3 it is as big as I want to go.

Personally I wouldn't go any bigger than H3 because H2 and H1 is too big for headers. If the main headline is a H1 or H2 by default because of the theme, fine but for the headings I create I never go bigger than H3.
tommydillard Premium
Great question I prefer to use H2 for all of my captions and then H3 for sub.
AnnieB Premium
Yes, I like H3, Tommy. HTML training focuses in on those headers in running order and not the same size, hence some replies from others re similar questions to mine.
Rick Jantz Premium
Good questions. My theme makes my H2 look huge. I'm trying out H3 and it looks better and then I go to H4 for sub-headings. It looks better but I don't know the SEO answer. I actually wish I could change the H1 but I have a few ideas to try with that so will see..
AnnieB Premium
Hi Rick, I don't think you can change the H1. I had a fiddle with it a couple of weeks back and then thought better of it, as this is actually built into my theme and could relate to my themes overall SEO performance. I guess you can go into the Text view of your theme to muck around. Try it maybe on a dummy/test site for safety!