I just signed up for a business opportunity that I admit feels cheezy. But I just think that people who run it are good at what they do. It seems like it is on the up and up. I have did a little research on it.

But I don't want to make momma and poppa Google mad. I know how Fickle Google is. Will Google ding my site for having a link to my site to my affiliate link from this up and coming business that feels like the Mid 2000 spam culture business. But actually it seems great to my skeptical eye.

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mbouteiller Premium
I don't think it's worthwhile taking the chance.
JerryMcCoy Premium
not sure.
Cath88 Premium

I wouldn't take a chance with that. If they are unquestionable, I would avoid them b/c Google will, most likely, not give your site a good ranking. Hope that helps!

leoemery Premium
Yeah questionable links to anywhere can hurt your sites rankings
Rainfalls Premium
Thank you! Really simple huh lol. Hmmm. I am better for it!!! I have to keep Google happy lolll