This was a question that had been lingering in the back of my mind for quite some time.
Seeing that I have an awesome community I know I can count on, I found it to be a great idea to give my question a go here.

So here's the thing with Google+, I'm bringing it up because I want to help new members avoid the same problems I have encountered and I'm sure that I wasn't the only one!

What are the kind of things that may compel Google+ to take down a post that wasn't illegal or offensive? What metrics or things would they look at to consider it a spam post?

If we can clarify anything that would put you in a weird spot including the use of specific topic titles using keywords or a thorough description of the posts, including images that we may need to change as a thumbnail, and what not would be really helpful for all of us!

Have fun building your empire everyone!

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Mark Tait Premium
Ehhhmmm - I'm not sure - but Google anything is very end user orientated - so if it doesn't suit the users of Google, then it maybe won't rank as well - but as to taking it down - I've not heard of that before. Has it just removed your post from your feed? Has it de-indexed it?
smartketeer Premium
Hi jose

G+ is extremely "WA-sensitive" ...

I could say that WA is blacklisted at G+

Foe example, if you try to share your affiliate link, will be removed instantly and automatically

Heidi9 Premium
I’m following this to see the replies. I haven’t had it happen but would like to know what to do to avoid it.