By mistake, I posted the same article about the same product on my website. The only difference between the two is the title. One I gave a title I made and the other just happens to be word for word the same as the title found for the product on Amazon. It was this one that was indexed, not the other. Is the title really that important to Google? Does anyone have any insight to this?

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marmar463 Premium
I am not sure I thought maybe it was repeated content but they both have different titles I am definitely not sure as to why that is. Because I know that Google does not like content repeated. I would ask the question in live chat and see what happens there.
davehayes Premium
As I understand it, it shouldn't make any difference, because though the two posts are the same, the titles are different
onmyownterms Premium
I would venture to guess that the one that was indexed was the one that was published first... if not, then I'm not sure.