I have noticed that pretty much every post on my website has been put onto an online directory called Gleuty. I have never asked them to do this, so what do they get out of it?
Also, just looked into it and it is considered black hat SEO to put your website on an online directory like this, which can ultimately harm your rankings!! Help please?? I didn't even ask them to do this. Thanks

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Again Dale got you covered.
lesabre Premium
Hi Stefanie, lots of good information shared by Dale.

Best wishes,
Dale123 Premium Plus
It'll just be bots pulling your links automatically. Google is wise to these sorts of things, so you don't need to worry about it.

In the past you would have been required to disavow the links, but Google publicly said that this is now not necessary. You can safely ignore them.
StefanieT Premium
Thank you,
So i have just been reading that Google no longer give out manual penalties because they know the difference between spammy links and spammy websites being they are human eyes, but an algorithm penalty can still be handed out. This is information from 2017 because I can't find what I'm looking for from a later date. It's definitely different now then yes?
I'm just double checking because I really don't want my site to be affected.

Dale123 Premium Plus
JeffreyBrown Premium
Good info to know, Dale! Thank you!