Hi guys,

Just a quick question...I checked one of my posts that was on page 6 of google, if it might of climbed a page or two, but I found my post on page 15?!

Do anyone know why this can be? I have been adding content regularly and didn't do anything to upset google. I can't think that so many new posts could've overtaken me in a few days' time.

Thank you.


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CBotma Premium
I just wanted to update for the people who has the same problem. I checked my ranking again today for the same keyword and the result was page 5.
AngelsBird Premium
That's normal, you have a young website and things can change very hard in the beginning, your ranking can jump up and down for a while...
It is already good that you are jumping between page 6 and 15.... ;-)

CBotma Premium
haha okay cool, thanks a lot. Just got a big fright when that suddenly happened. Most of my posts are between page 2 and 7 that is why it was so weird for me. (Still pushing for page one, but it is difficult!)

Thanks for the reply. It is much appreciated!