After posting the first article on my site it got to page 3 on Bing and page 6 on Yahoo (never saw it on Google). However, 2 days later it is nowhere to be seen on either Bing or Yahoo. It's not even in the top 30 pages.

What would cause it to suddenly rank and then disappear like that?

I have shared it on Google +, it has got comments etc. Is it usual for pages/post to rank just for a couple of days?

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manne13666 Premium
I'm sorry to hear that. I think the 2 comments below mine are spot on. Check for errors and if not then think of these search engines to have "shiny object syndrome".

Good luck and take care.
rusik77 Premium
Very interesting. Have you already checked google search console as well as Bing Search console? I'd check if there are any issues with indexing the website. Maybe there are some errors you need to correct.
JeannineC Premium
It's not uncommon for that to happen. The search engines basically "try it out" for a couple of days to see if it gets any clicks. If it doesn't, the rank moves lower.

Your first article needs company. When you've got a collection of articles, they'll all get ranked individually and stay indexed.