Hey Everyone,

Google Analytics Says,

For My site, There are different kind of visitors

  1. Direct/Social/Referel/Organic Visitors, What is the most important visitors to my site?
  2. Why direct visitors are increased?
  3. What are the factors affet to increase bounce rate?
  4. How to set a goal on Google analytics

Following my analytics reports, Pleasse support me to solve this problem

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lesabre Premium
Hi Sam, feigner has left you a great reply. Everything is covered. I like getting more organic traffic.

Best wishes,
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Michael
Selenityjade Premium
My direct traffic jumped yesterday too. This could have been because of me, though. I was testing site speed and those tests and my own could have come up with different sessions.
AmazeCPS Premium
accad Premium
They are all equally important but what makes the difference is the one that converts. Meaning it earns you a cent.
I have a post related to this:
AmazeCPS Premium
thanks to your supports
feigner Premium
your direct vivitors come to your site by typing in your url or clicking on your url form somewhere - lik adding it to wa asking for comments - do they have value, only if they convert or leave comments.
social visitors are coming from any social links you have left - useful for backlinks and better if the bounce rate was lower - but if it is a new site don't worry
organic search - these are visitors who have searched for something in your niche and decided that your link is relevant to their search - these are what you want to get ranked and improve your relevance in googles eyes.
referral - these come form other sites you have left your link on- possibly comments made on other sites
which ones do you want - organic and social are the best followed by referral and then direct.
bounce rate could be lower but you will need to find out where they landed - is it the same page, different pages.
there are plugins to monitor how far down the page they go before jumping off to see how interested they are in your article.
and check out the behaviour tab to see where they visitt on your site, is it what you want - do they go where you expect them to.
setting goals iscovered in Jays live training - check it out under the live events replays and search for analytics.
if your site is new you are doing ok with organic and social visitors - so keep going- create more content - and keep talking to your niche.
have fun
AmazeCPS Premium
that is a very good and informative answer, Thanks to your support