I am feeling frustrated with my meta descriptions. In his webinars, Jay really hammers home the importance of having a good meta description. It's something I spend time making sure I have got just right.

Whenever I google any of my posts to see how they're showing in the SERPs, the opening sentences of my article have always been used as the meta description, not the meta description I provided.

Anyone else come across this and is there anything you can do about it?

Thank you.

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Abledragon Premium
Hi there,

In many cases, when it returns your page Google attempts to insert a snippet of text from your post that most closely matches the search query that was typed in. If it doesn't find any suitable text then it will use your META description.

It is always worth writing a good META description because, if Google doesn't find a snippet of closely related text, then it will turn to the META description.


emilyonline Premium
Yeah that's what I read too. But for a while I had my affiliate disclosure statement as a quote at the top of my money posts, so totally unrelated to my keyword, and it pulled it through regardless.
DBlanchard Premium
I have seen the same thing happen to me so many times!

Now I create a good opening sentence that has less than 160 characters and I don't bother creating a meta description since Google ignores it most of the time and uses my first sentence anyway!
emilyonline Premium
Yes I've started to do that too! Its the only way around it that I can see at the moment.
I used to have my affiliate disclosure at the top of my money making posts, and it was pulling the wording from that through as my meta description which was a painful fix!
Debs66 Premium
Just out of curiosity did you check in Google. you could be ranked twice for your first sentence and your meta title. You may find you come up for both. Worth a check just in case you are.
Just scroll down on google you may find you rank twice. ;) Just a thought:)
emilyonline Premium
hello, no I didn't do that, I didn't realise that could happen! I will go and check now, thank you for the tip :)