Recently when I view the search console, I get informed that my post URL is in google but has issues search console but posts have issues.

could anyone please guide me on what to do? I`m not sure when this started, but it seems a bigger percentage have issues as almost any URL I enter, it`s the same reply,

Thanks for your help

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Triblu Premium
Hey Roamy,

Take the exact prompts you are seeing... one by one, and Google search each prompt to see how to fix them.

Google's big complaint on my sites was that the font size was too tiny for mobile users, so I increased the font size and that made Google happy.

Though I still get prompted from time to time about issues that do NOT even exist.

Following the prompts within your Google Analytics is the only way you can resolve this.

Hope you find this helpful.
roamy Premium
Thanks, it`s just now having to check 250+ posts.
Triblu Premium
If it is the font size that Google is complaining about, you can do that straight across your website from your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize and then look for where to adjust your font size.
1Rudy1 Premium
I would ask site support. They may see something that you don't.

Click on help, in drop down, click on site support, to send them a direct message, They are very good about getting back to you in a timely manner.