My site is 8 months now and traffic is steadily increasing. I get about 140 organic visits a month and about 30 clicks on my Amazon affilite links a month. 4 months ago I made 1 sale and I thought it was time to get excited, I havent seen a penny since. What is weird is when I made that sale I had like 10 organic visits a month and only about 5 review posts. Now Im getting a lot more traffic and written more review posts yet havent seen any sales. Am I doing something wrong?

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Laurie-ann Premium
I have had my site since March and I haven't had any sales either. :(
javierapg22 Premium
That is happening to me too but my website is only 1 month old. But still, I have a lot of clicks but no sales D: this is mine:
jed2017 Premium
Can I ask why you don't have the Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ share buttons? I visited, and would have liked to share your site to my FB page, but you don't have those buttons yet. (you do have the links to go to your own FB, Google+, etc, but not where we can share and help you out).

Update: oops! I finally found them way down by the comments. Could you put up the big ones at the top of your homepage?
javierapg22 Premium
I do have them
Numbergurl Premium
I just visited your site and really liked it. I tried to leave a comment but kept getting a message that I was trying to leave my comment to quickly. Your content is great and very directed to your title. Your site is clean and really nice. Not sure why you aren't getting sales.
Loes Premium
This training just was released, perhaps something for you?
MikeAkers Premium
You may not necessarily be doing anything wrong. But, then again you may. Take a look at how your ad placement is and see if that may need to be adjusted.

Another thing you can do too, is go to others websites and see how they may be placing ads and see if there is something you may need to do to more successful.

I hope this helps

Blessings your way and plus I;m following you too!