Hi, I have a problem that I have seen a couple of times in the past few weeks. I have seen people who have set up websites that just have all my post URL's with a snippet of the post, then a link that actually goes through to my website for the whole post.
I know that it's good to have backlinks, but not this kind of thing surely? They literally have my whole website on their website.
What do I do about this please? Why is it happening and how do I stop it?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, Dale got you covered.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning my dear friend, you have already received the answer from Dale123.I was going to say something very similar, you don't have to worry, Google will take care of everything, however, I sincerely do understand the concern. May you have a wonderful new week, with much success.
StefanieT Premium
Hi there, and thank you so much. I have been stressing over it all afternoon haha. Trying to manually go through all the scammy backlinks I have in Google search console.
Thing is, you have tools on SemRush that check these links for you still. If it's not an issue, then why do they have the tool for it? Is it to just make money?
ERichardson1 Premium
Unfortunately I can't answer that question my dears sister. However ,it is something to think about.
Dale123 Premium Plus
It'll just be bots pulling your links automatically. Google is wise to these sorts of things, so you don't need to worry about it.

In the past you would have been required to disavow the links, but Google publicly said that this is now not necessary. You can safely ignore them.