Although, most of my posts have been indexed by Google, it doesn't appear that any of them have ranked. What am I doing wrong?

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GarryJam Premium
Be sure to have a look at your opposition. More specifically, PUNCH your keyword into Google's search engine, and try to emulate the articles that come up on the first page.

Keep putting new post XML site maps into Google Webmaster Toolls see picture. I really hope that you are already set up there because that's a whole nother lesson.
RamiSociable Premium
Hello Annete,

I believe Lilly offers some very valuable excellent advice as does Diane on the practicalities and strategy side the only thing I can add is Google likes quality content for your audience, SEO Structure and relevant keyword research to get search engine interest and get your content seen by that audience!!

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I took a look at your kayaking site. You have 27 posts, which realistically, is not a lot over the space of 6 months. Google won't recognise you as an authority on your subject until you have between 40 and 50 posts.

I wonder if you should put your other site aside for the time being. You currently have 6 posts on it. If you had written a further 6 posts for your kayak site, rather than diversifying, you would obviously be a bit further along in establishing authority.

There is no easy answer, it's down to adding more content using good keywords.
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Annette, I know how frustrating this can be. You are getting indexed which means that Google is finding your posts, yeah congratulations. Four things can keep you down in ranking on that first page. The age of your website ( under 6 months and Google is still watching to see if you're serious) How many posts you have on your website? How often you are posting? And are you selecting keywords to compete on the first page.

Some of the top players are posting 5 times a week and nailing the keywords. I had a look at your Kayak post (It's very good) but I wonder if your title gets enough searches in Jaaxy? I wouldn't know what Snarky means but how many people would search your diner post? (Which was also well written).

Have a look on the first page of where you wish to rank and analyse your competitors. What titles do they use? How do they present the meta description? How is their post set out, does it grab the reader, offer easy advice etc?

Give yourself a chance to learn the clever techniques here. You are heading in the right direction. See what is ranking and emulate.
Wishing you all the best
I hope this helps
Lily 😁🎶
APersinger Premium
Thank you for the wonderful feedback and advice. You have been helpful beyond belief.
Aussiemuso Premium
I'm so happy it helped Annette, I didn't want to offend you.
Lily 😁🎶
JeffreyBrown Premium
Hope you get the answers, Annette!