So my site is at 6 months old, so I guess it's still new, but I've noticed some things..

If a keyword I used have a low search (let's say 80 searches a month) and a reasonable QSR of 30, I usually see my post rank around position 30-40

If a keyword I used have a very high search (let's say 2000 searches a month) but low QSR of 1, I thought I was gonna rank well because of practically no competition, but no, I don't even make the top 100 positions.

Is it because google doesn't trust my site and don't want to expose my site on page 1?

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hier123 Premium
From my learning and experience, if you want to rank a keyword that gets 2000 searches, your competition is the top 10 results in Google.

Those top 10 probably have long content, and lots of back links to the page and the domain.

Going by qsr alone is not enough.
SondraM Premium
That is very interesting. Is that happening mulitiple times or with just one keyword? I'm wondering if there was maybe a glitch with the way the keyword was reported.

The other possibility was that the keyword with high search and low competition had some sort of spelling error that you didn't notice. Thus the very low competition for the word. Yet, when Google actually returns the results. It is showing results for the correct spelling since it tires to auto correct.
MrKent Premium
Its happening multiple times, but I only have about 3 or 4 keywords with high searches. Maybe it's just unlucky, because I also notice some low search keywords that I'm also not ranking well. So it could be just unlucky..
AnthonyMLM Premium
It's important to use the tools inside WA to build your site trust then Google will rank your website higher.