Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday, hope everyone is having a great week so far. As you know whenever I have issues or a question I seek answers within Wealthy Affiliate Community because I trust your advice.

I got this email the other day from someone I don't know and I was wondering how he got my email address or even know information about my site performance. Here is the email.


We have checked your website and found various issues due to which your website is not getting potential visitors.

Let me know if you want us to share a detailed website analysis report for your business website.

Share your website and give us 24 hours to compile the report, it's that simple!


About this analysis report, where do I check for this information, can this information be found in my Google analytics? Thanks so much for your help.

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lesabre Premium
Hi Norman, I got a similar e-mail some time back. I felt this was a type of sales tactic and treated it as spam.
I find the e-mail you got will serve you no purpose. I would treat it as spam.

Best wishes,
Nrichards Premium
Hello, my good friend how are you doing, thanks so much I will treat these emails as spam. All the best to you my kind sir and have a good day.
lesabre Premium
Doing well Norman. How about you.

Have a great week,
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I also received one like it to my WA webmail address that not advertised anywhere and was wondering how it got there.

I would ignore, it it SPAM.
Nrichards Premium
I will do that, thanks so much for taking the time to help me and all the best to you. Have a good day.
feigner Premium
do you have your email address on your site - if you do it is easly harvested...
as for the email ... there ae a ton of products now on the market that are claiming to set you up in business to 'improve peoples sites'
i have a few i picked up for free as bonuses....they send out a stock email and if you respond they scan your site with standard tools looking for broken links, 404 errors, speed testing - all stuff you can do easily
another one that has gone around recently is accessiblilty....
and then get you to pay for the 'fix' and try to add you to their list of ongoing clients with optimised sites....
i get a few and just trash them - they haven'teven looked at your site yet - just found your email....
so if that is on your site then maybe add it as an image rather than a text link...it might reduce these.
have fun
Nrichards Premium
Hello Phil Thanks so much for the insight, I did not know that. It is amazing with technology how people can move in such ways to get your money. That is why I wrote before I made a move because I felt also that I could make these correction myself without having to pay for it. Thanks again and all the best to you. have a good day my friend.
EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Norman,

I get that kind of emails all the time. Those are probably spams. They want to sell their SEO tool, etc. I would ignore and delete it.

You can see your website performance on both Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

All the best,
Nrichards Premium
Hello and thanks so much for your help, after I got this email I did go to my Google analytics and search console. Thanks again and all the best to you.