I just an hour ago posted a brand new front page WA review (Over 4,000 words, my 1st YouTube video on my new channel and image) to my main website and was about to purchase $20 worth of sitecomments.

I had second thoughts .............

Is it better to give it a while until Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...... recognize and index the page?

When is the best time to get comments, before or after indexing?

Thank you Friends for your thoughts, questions, anwers etc......

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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
I don’t know if it matters, but if you’re concerned maybe spread the comments out between before and after the post is indexed?
jlclayton1 Premium
I try to ask for a couple of comments within 24 hours of publishing the article. Hopefully the search engines will see that people are engaging with newly published articles, especially reviews.
Mick-D Premium
I have done both. I am not sure it makes any difference though. I have had some with lots of comments take a month to index, others with none, took a day or less.
Don't know is my answer. It may help your post over time as the search engines re - crawl your pages to check for changes / activity .
I just requested some site feed back. https://the-bare-foot-affiliate.com/ (just in case lol).

ideasjosh Premium
Hey Tony
I would wait till the site is indexed and also till you've built a more complete website (since you mentioned you just have a home page for now). While the comments will add to credibility for your website, you may want to have some offers or call to action on your pages as well when you have non WA visitors on your site.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Tony, I usually just ask for the comments as soon as I post assuming that it'll help the post get indexed faster...I may be wrong. But, I don't wait for the indexing...mainly because it's just part of my routine when I publish a post.

I'm curious to see what others have to say also.

I wish you the best!

Bob M
kimwolfe Premium
I follow same routine as you Bob. The comments add to your content length which we do know can help you compete with other top pages (assuming content quality is just as good too.) But for users reading the post, they instantly get additional insight from people’s comments outside of what author writes. So I like to have comments right out of the gate, especially for reviews. It’s a better user experience which always pays off in long run. You can always add more comments over time.
BobMargroff Premium
Absolutely! I remember reading that in training somewhere...or was it a blog post?

Either way, I started doing it as soon as I read that.