Hello everone,

I am wondering if anyone has the same question like me.

What is the difference between "clicks in Google Search Console" and "users in Google Analytics"? I supposed that the numbers of "clicks" and "users" should be the same or similar. But it sometimes turns out totally different!

For example, Google Analytics showed that I had 5 users (all from organic search) on Sep. 18, while Google Search Console showed that I only got 2 clicks on the same day. This was not the first time. I really cannot figure out why the numbers are different. If I have 5 users getting to my site from organic search, the number of clicks should be at least 5, right? Or do I miss something?

Hope someone can share their experiences with me! Thank you!

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AparnaBansal Premium
Nice to know this. It is a bit confusing. Thanks, Ferra and Apache
EmakAmelia Premium
Users are your audience or the people who visit your website(different age, gender, interests, devices, and location). In my understanding, each user is considered unique.

Clicks: How many times your page were clicked by users.

There are several reasons why these two numbers may not match: A user may click your page multiple times.
waYuYu Premium
thank you!
apache1 Premium
If you type clicks vs users google analytics in the search engines you will received those answers and more from Google Support
waYuYu Premium
great idea! did not think of it in the beginning. I may rely on WA too much lol
Thank you!