I am quite confused as to what we can or cannot edit in old (already indexed) posts. In numerous posts I have read that it is good to go back and improve old posts, perhaps by adding images or adding new information. Yet, in other posts, I hear warnings that changing old posts can be detrimental to rankings.

Obviously, I have missed the point somewhere. Can someone explain what can be changed without causing issues with rankings? I've asked and been told not to change the title or the permalink. Do things such as categories or keywords or SEO description cause any disruption?

Thanks in advance.

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MarionBlack Premium
The search engines love new content so why not change the Headline if you are changing something in the body text? It gives you a chance to get noticed again.
AllynBeekman Premium
Good thought. Thanks.
kleblanc13 Premium
I would think as long as the post URL doesn't change, the rest wouldn't matter so much, but I am far from an SEO expert... I tweak little things here and there all the time.
jonw Premium
Allyn, If it's your blog & you have readers, ask them, they'll tell you what they want & you'll build good relations in the process. Jon
don1923 Premium
Agreed, I have also felt the NEED to change things. Especially if I get a feed that is not credited to the writer. It could be anything and you can change it.
You are basically removing (possible)indexed info and replacing it with new content.
Stonefox Premium
Well, you can edit/change anything you want in your posts. I've done it, as you mentioned, to improve older posts, and to add images, et cetera. I feel it will help your ranking by presenting fresh content. It could change your ranking for the better in that respect.

However, the down side would be, that each time there is a change, in most instances, it takes time for Google to re-index the changed content/page. Usually a couple of weeks to spider it back in.

To my knowledge, nothing can be changed, no matter how small, without a page/site having to be re-indexed. However, I would not let that stop you from updating and refreshing your site. Any improvements will be well worth it when studying the big picture.

I hope this helps you. Good luck.