Right now, my mobile is at 71, and my desktop is at 91, so I am just looking for the recommended ways to get this up to 100. Thanks!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
!00 is hard to achieve, Elijah! It seems t me that you are doing quite well, my friend! There are some good answers here for you though!

IvanBroz Premium
That's a great score! Here are a few more recommendations:
Jenny28 Premium
To be honest I think it is nearly impossible to achieve a perfect score on page speed insights, especially for mobile.
Images are a main culprit for slower speed as are videos, your theme, too many heavy bloated plugins, and too many ads like Adsense.
Like Phil mentioned, find out your main issues and work from there.
WP Rocket is a great plugin, but it’s not a magic solution.
Good luck, speed is a constant struggle.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Thanks for the advice -- very helpful!!
feigner Premium
hte best plugins are the ones that sort it out...
but most of these speed issues are down to large images... so reducing these will help
and too many plugins or a code heavy theme or using a lot of different fonts...
so ther is a lot to look at
and some may advise autopitimize or wprocket
these may help but find out what the problems are first...
good luck