I had installed this plug-in and then removed it on advice per an earlier question. I am now getting a conflict with other updates, changes, plugins which I think related back to this then installation.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Jason,

Marion already mentioned to you in your previous question regarding troubles you were experiencing with this plugin that if your site is hosted with WA, you do NOT need a cache plugin as there is a cache on the server itself.

Simply go to: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites find the site you are working on. Click on the Details button that appears in the lower, right-hand corner of that site.

Then scroll down the next page until you come to SitePlus+ and turn your SiteSpeed ON... and you can either use Accelerated or Extreme caching. It is ALL explained below that option. See second screen print below...

Cache plugins will no longer function properly on WA hosted sites.

Hope you find this helpful.
jdf290170 Premium
Thanks and I appreciate that. I have gone through and ensured that SiteSpeed was on (which it was) but I wasn’t aware of this when I installed W3 Total Cache.

I have deactivated and deleted the plugin but it is still throwing up this error message so I take it that there is a problem behind the scenes. I’ve now seen a separate post here on WA where someone else also had this challenge so I’ll raise a ticket with SiteSupport and go from there.

Thanks for the feedback nonetheless. - Jason.