I wrote about the lost art of Image SEO B4 - but hey I'm glutton for punishment so... Proper quickie - We created a post about gamer jobs on WFHW and a couple of readers clipped our image and inserted it into a forum post that was getting a lot of visits. So me thinks..... I wonder how many have clipped the "get started for zero costs" image and if the benefits are already flowing?
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Carson Premium Plus
I'd only see this helping out if the user actually used the URL and is giving you a link from the image to the WFHW site. Not sure why someone would do this, but it's great if they do!
mission0ps Premium
exactly what happened clipped the image and included a big fat juicy link back from a very active forum :)
Sherion Premium
Did you check it in your stats? It shows there where the raw clicks come from. I was amazed a few weeks ago when one of my discussions hit first page and I didn't know it until I saw it in the stats! Now that same discussion is page 1 rank 1.

This will be interesting to follow because and image is different than the usual blog, article, or page. Keep us informed!
mama2karsten Premium
Something to think about... thanks for post.