Dear friends and wa family,

On my website i have an affiliate link (https) to another reputable (bob proctor) website which shows not secure. is this going to affect how google view my website?

Thank you so much!

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keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Clark .... super question and all questions are good ones here ....

it's much better of course to link to 'secure https' pages or sites for your site's credibility and security as well ...

both Dale and Phil have provided good responses as well for you ...

hope it all works out ok ... all the best .... :)
Dale123 Premium
It is best practice these days to only link to secure pages (or pages that are part-secure, at least). If a user clicks a non-secure link & their browser flags up a warning, it could ultimately look bad on you as they see your links as your recommendations.

However, with that being said there is simply no way that you can make sure that all sites you link to are secure all of the time, and search engines understand this. So whilst it is best practice to link to secure sites, it will not be directly damaging if the odd site here & there turns out not to be secure.
feigner Premium
if it is https then it is a secure site
but if it is showing as not secure then it may hurt your seo rankings in googles eyes...
maybe worth getting in touch with them and seeing what they intend to do - maybe they expect people linking ot use ppc...
i hope you manage to get it sorted