NoteboomPremium 12 minutes ago The post always stop so here it is: I´m very confused last days, weeks! Because accident I haven´t manage to work on my main site last weeks. I know it was a problem but couldn´t do it. For the same reason, it´s crucial that I managed to let my online works started to be a success. I know it´s not the best things to let this two things come together, but it´s what is it!

But strange things have happened in google analytic. I have three sites but will take one of them out because the business in that niche is too difficult.

My "B" site have been little work but keep on live, and I will start the work on it soon I hope, but I have sent content there to hold it in life. Traffic have always been similar for a long time.

But my main site are very strange and making me worries! The page authority are 22, and I always fetch in Google each post. Like I said, I haven´t managed to work on it last weeks (ca 3) and my traffic in all sites have always been little. But what happens is that my B site are similar in Google Analytics, but my key site didn't have any traffic last month looking at results in Google Analytics! Even so I go to the site from computer I newer use!

What is going on? Is my site crashed and finished or is something wrong in Google analytic?

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theresroth Premium
I would ask Kyle directly on this one and/or put it in the live chat...
Mac01 Premium
Seems like it's just a glitch in the system, Noteboom..
Noteboom Premium
yes, it´s look very strange for me.
rodeves Premium
If you are able to access your site from another computer, that rules out the concern that your site has crashed. About the traffic issue:Try to work on getting traffic to your site - use social media etc. All the best!
Noteboom Premium
I know that my site didn´t crash. I was wondering if something had crashed in google analytical. Yesterday I change back from Yoast to All in SEO and then come traffic direct in analytic soo...