I saw recently allot of you guys talking about this Yoast and how good it is. I would like to know what are the advantages of it over all in one seo and if there are any draw backs. Also is it free? and what are your experiences with it? I would a appreciate any opinions on the matter, thanks
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MarionBlack Premium
I use Yoast (it's free) and for me it's better than All in One. Kyle and Carson recommend All in One. Try it and see how you like it and if it works OK with your theme and your other plugins. ~Marion
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - I have both on different sites (both sites are indexed - although that has more to do with sitemaps than SEO), and they effectively do the same thing.

So, I think it comes down to personal preference. I now prefer Yoast as it's more visual - green, amber, red etc.

I believe you can enter more than one keyword - you just need to enter one, then tweak as appropriate, then change your keyword to another, and tweak as appropriate, until you get the right level of colours you are looking for.

So you're really optimizing twice (or more), just getting it right, before moving to your second keyword - although I'm not certain trying to use more than one keyword/phrase, is current best practice?

So try both (setup siterubix sites if you don't want to use on a live domain), and see which you prefer and go with it.

All the best, Mark
sophE Premium
I have Yoast, it has greatly helped improve my site health and actually made SEO optimizing easier. I guess a drawback is that it only focuses on one keyword and you can't add others. It is a free app. So far I like it, I have switched out from all-in-one about a month in and never found a reason to go back, hope this helps
oliver001 Premium
Yoast is a very good SEO plugin. However, it can sometimes cause conflicts on your site. I.I., themes not loading right, menus displayed wrong.

I had to switch back to all in one. if it causes no issues on your site I would recommend using Yoast.

johndoc Premium
I've stuck with the all in one seo. Reason being my site was indexed by google within a week
whypreuneur Premium
Same with me. I ve stuck with all in one.