Dear WAmily,

I would be grateful for the advice of more experienced members of WA.

Should I add a url link in my pictures referring to the same page I am on? I´m not sure whether it helps Google rating for the page or not? Or should I put links to other pages in my site?

Thanks for your advice.


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Dave07 Premium
Hi Trevor
I would be more inclined to add keywords into the image Alt Title rather than a URL. It's a simple way to have another keyword on the page.

lesabre Premium
Hi Tj, since your images are part of your post I personally do not see the necessity of adding a separate URL for your images.
Yes, you most certainly should have internal links to your other posts, as long as they are relevant. This will keep your audience engaged on your page for longer periods, and also it gives them the opportunity to link to your other posts within your website.

Best wishes,
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks Guys for your quick replies, but just to be clear, following a training on Friday, I have started to add a URL to my pictures, but should the url be to another page on my site? I am currently e.g. putting a new picture about Andropause on the Andropause page and then the link is the actual page. I know that sounds nuts but that is what I understood from the training? Or did I misunderstand and so should link it to a completely different page on my site?
Feochadan Premium Plus
Yes, you put in your keywords, seldom urls
chowie Premium
Absolutely TJ!

While I don't think adding url links to info on the same page you're on helps so much with search engine rankings; however since your ultimate goal is to help your SITE VISITORS as much as possible, if there's a lot of information on that particular page and you wanna help your visitors find something within that page content quickly & efficiently, then by all means, linking a pic to that page content is a good thing. And...

Internal links to other pages on your site helps your site visitors find the info they're searching for PLUS it also substantially improves your rankings within Google or your Users' search engine of choice.

Hope this info helps you achieve online business success even faster!

Take care & be well.

LauraFuller Premium
As far as images go make sure you put alternate text on every picture and make it relevant to the photo and post. I do not put URL on my photos. But internal links are very very important. Google likes to see that you are proud of your other posts and want you to link them in every post.