With photo's and images, what exactly is the difference (for SEO purposes) between Caption, Alt Text, and Description and what information should each box contain?

How does this benefit my SEO and should this information be entered into every picture within a post or just in the featured image?


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Triblu Premium
Hey Howard,

Caption is only if you want to have text appear below your images, and descriptions, when done correctly, could get your images to appear in Google images and have someone wander to your website from there.

The description also acts as post content for the post(s) it appears in. Your image file name can work for you too if done correctly, but that needs to be done BEFORE you upload your images.

The following tutorial explains the importance of ALT tags: Hope this helps you.
HowardFR Premium
Thanks Trish,

That was most helpful.
Fleeky Premium
Best is to fill all spaces and to use yr keywOrds in alt
BobBarr Premium
The alt text should describe what the image shows. While a keyword can be *included in* the alt Text, it should not be the *only* thing in that field. People using screen readers will hear the alt text read aloud.
MKearns Premium
This source can help shed light on the subject Howard! https://5bestthings.com/embracing-captions-and-transcripts-for-rectifying-seo/