Hello, There must be a Meta Description setting somewhere that I will need to change yet I cannot find it so far. When I was checking the AIOSEO scores on my posts I see I have 6897 characters when only 160 are recommended.

Wow - quite a ways off. LOL

Can someone guide me to where the setting is that I need to change?

Thank You


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cvarr Premium
Thank You Everyone. ALL great answers and I used them all. Thanks a bunch!

richardgb Premium
Hi Connie
In WP go to the offending post.
Scroll down to the AIOSEO panels below the post, click the General heading and find Meta Description. Type or copy in whatever you want as the Meta Description ... you probably know that this is what would show when someone finds your post on Google so it needs to be an honest introduction to the content of the post and should include your targeted keyword. Whatever is entered in the Meta Description box will show in the Snippet Preview. when you're happy with the words remember to click Update (top right).
ParthaB Premium
Hey Connie,

As Phil mentions, you'll see a tab named "content" in the meta description.

This means the entire article has been added to the meta description.

Simply delete this tab.

You can then either add the tab named "excerpt" or do what I do, and write your own 160 character meta description.

To be honest, nowadays Google chooses an excerpt from your content that it deems most relevant to your article.

So, even though you have taken time to add a meta description, Google may choose to ignore this and use a description from elsewhere in your content.

As I say, whatever Google decides what is most relevant.

The little sneaky so-and-so.

Newme202 Premium
Hi Connie
Perhaps this will help Let us know how you get on
feigner Premium
don't worry about it as google will automatically shorten it...
or you could remove the content tag in the metadescription and write your own
have fun