Please can someone help me interpret in layman's terms Google Analytics results using Search Console on the following:

  1. Total Clicks
  2. Total Impressions
  3. Avg CTR
  4. Avg Position

Many thanks for your help . I appreciate.


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TomMarchido Premium
Hey Femia, check this out from Google. Hope this helps:

Search Console data is joined with Analytics data via the Landing Page dimension. This integration lets you see how pre-click data like queries and impressions correlate with post-click data like bounce rate and transactions.

The Search Console reports include one dimension that is specific to Google Web Search data:

Queries: The Google Search queries that generated impressions of your website URLs in Google organic search results.

The Search Console reports in Analytics use four metrics specific to Google Web Search data:

Impressions: The number of times any URL from your site appeared in search results viewed by a user, not including paid AdWords search impressions.

Clicks: The number of clicks on your website URLs from a Google Search results page, not including clicks on paid AdWords search results.

Average Position: The average ranking of your website URLs for the query or queries. For example, if your site's URL appeared at position 3 for one query and position 7 for another query, the average position would be 5 ((3+7)/2).

CTR: Click-through rate, calculated as Clicks / Impressions * 100.
Search Console data is incompatible with Google Analytics segments. If you apply segments to the Search Console reports, the Analytics metrics are segmented, but the Search Console metrics are not, and return values of 0.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Tom, for explaining and taking your time.
Triblu Premium
Hey Femia,

If you are serious about wanting to understand Google Analytics, you could always go to Google for that here:

Personally, by following Kyle's instructions in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, I have been able to learn Google Analytics in bite sized pieces (yes, I am still trying to understand Google Analytics myself!) when other members create tutorials or write blogs here on the subject.

The only way we well get to the important part of being here at WA (to learn to earn) is to focus on the lessons and get creating unique, quality content.

Hope this helps you.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Trish, I will visit the training on the link you provided.

Have gone through the training. I do appreciate.
feigner Premium
these results are on the keywords you are ranked for - if you want the results for your pages then click over to pages ( next to queries)
but form what you are showing - you have had 130 clicks on 2,277 impressions.
an impression is a showing in the google results - when you search then if you are on the page it is counted as an imprression

if you look at the table below this you will see which keywords are clicked thorugh - if you go to pages you will see which pages they clicked through.
your ctr ( click through rate ) is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions *100. so just under 6% of the impressions resulted in a click.
the average position- never used it - always found it unreliable.
hope that goes some way to helping
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Phil, for helping out. It's gone a long way.