Hi... I have been building a new site since joining a couple of months ago. Its in a tough niche so didn't expect much if any search traffic but had been getting traffic from Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook... and even got the odd visitor from bing, but since the new year zilch not a single visitor. December was 212 visitors I am still posting on all social media so should still be hitting some figures.

I have looked in google console and some pages had errors these where categories and I have now added these to my sitemap. But other than that no issues .... any idea why this could have happened ?

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FKelso Premium
You might have done well in December because of holiday shoppers. January really slows down. I'd say don't get too discouraged, but just try to keep moving forward.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Fran, Indeed maybe Ill keep pushing forward for sure :)
Triblu Premium
Hey Martin,

Be sure to check your Google Analytics too for errors that may have popped up.

January is a slow month for all businesses. The best advice that I can offer you is to continue creating quality, unique content on a regular basis... weekly if possible, until your website becomes well established.

Also... try not to continually Google search your website as it DOES effect your site rank. Hope you find this helpful.
mcb247 Premium
Hi Trish

Yep my analytics were the same... I will work through and see if I can find any errors etc Thanks for the article, although I don't think I have ever searched my own website .. lol