My site, "affiliatemarketingly dot org"

mostly attacts sales people wanting to sell me on their internet traffic or lead software and service. Do you have any advice?

Is it an authoring, writing issue?

Keyword selection issue?

SEM issue

Social engagement and marketing issue?

Or all the above?

Is there a diagnostic checklist for getting started?


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BrightSales Premium
It's a dirty tactic people use to get their products to you friend. But if you want to even out their dirty games, you could send them an offer of your products by replying back to them with a sales link. The trick is, if you simply use their email to reply back to them with a sales link, it'll look more like a spam. But if you send a "reply all" e-mail with their message and your message with your product offer link, I think it'll look more like a communication of interests than a spam. Just an idea to not be labeled as "spam".
Or you could hit the spam button on them as others have suggested here and end their dirty games. All the best!
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello, John! I think you for your input here. Your ideas sound really fun. I think I will eventually try both :).
Triblu Premium
Hey Rupert,

If you are serious about wanting to know how to improve your site, you could try doing an audit on your website. That is of course, if you know that your site is providing quality, unique content and is quick to load in all devices... right?

There are numerous websites offering free audits... just pick one that you DON'T have to create an account OR leave your email address to use their system.

That's the only additional advice I can offer you beyond what other members have already stated here.

Hope you find this helpful.
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello, Triblu,
Thank you! I had not thought of that or tried it yet.
I will make sure I dot my I's and cross my T's before I ask for a site audit. Thanks so much!
Zoopie Premium
Delete,repeat, delete, repeat…yeh spam them
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Zoopie, lol. Spam them back :-). Rupert.
richardgb Premium
Hi Rupert
Me too at the moment but we’re not at the same stage… you are some way ahead of me.

Have you asked for feedback with specific questions aimed at improving “attractiveness” to potential buyers? You might get some actionable ideas that way.
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello, Richard. Yes, I need to think about asking for feedback with specific questions. Thank you for the reminder. Rupert.
BruceStephen Premium
Thanks Rupert for raising this issue as I have also received them. I have been deleting them.
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Thank you Bruce. Rupert.