Hi All,
Long time no see! My site focuses on travel and well, after travel bans, global pandemics, and all the drama that go with it, it kinda fell by the wayside for the past year and half! I recently tried to log on to Google Analytics and it has my login on the upper left like normal, says I'm logged in, but there is no analytics. It says I have to create a new account. Is this possible? Could all that data just disappear? Thanks in advance. This is very frustrating to me.


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vadcreative Premium
Thanks All! I will look into it! You guys are quick!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hope you get it resolved, let us know how you get along.
feigner Premium
if you added the code to your theme then it is possible for it to disappear...
when updates are done to your theme this code will disappear...
you need to add it to a plugin
if you view your site and press ctrl+u then it will open in a new tab ...
use find ( ctrl+f) to see if there are any instances of ua-
if not then you have lost your code and will need to add it again...
i hope you manage to find it
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Is it possible you created it in a different Gmail account than the one you’re currently logged into?