I wanted to ask this in the Live Chat, but preferred to ask this here instead.

An onpage SEO analyst said, my header is malformed, to which I ignored because I know the reason why it was changed to that way: Render blocking javascript and CSS in the header were diverted to the footer.

So, that means, it is not really malformed. And as a matter of fact, if you visit CoachGom.com, the header displays properly, with the header image and tagline.

But, SEO analysts don't know it or don't see it that way. They send bots to crawl your site, and judge according to the reports sent back to them by their bots.

With that, I decided not to the warning that my site's header is malformed. Because, it was intentional. I intentionally detached those CSS that are supposed to be in the header (CSS are for making your site look great with Cascading Style and S, I forgot that another S).

So, since my site still look great with nake human eye, I ignored what the analysts have reported.

But, from time to time, something goes in my mind, what if Google's bots see the same, the same as those seen by the bots from SEO analysts?

Will a malformed header affect my SEO?

In the first place, my header's malformation happened because of me following Google's wish to remove render blocking javascript and CSS from my header..

I feel like a victim of conflicting wishes (both of Google, and SEO analysts).

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onmyownterms Premium
Quite understandable. I've always said that SEO is an art, not a science. If it were science, you'd be able to follow a specific formula (a + b = c) and rank #1 all the time. It is so much more than that, with there being over 200 factors that impact the rank of your page. Good luck.
GomMagtibay Premium
Thank you, Mel.

So, you said there are 200 factors. That alleviates me, now that I know the header issue is just one of them, and I can make up with the 199 others! LOL :)