Hello Community,

I've looked today at Google Search Console => Search Traffic => Links to Your Site on Google webmaster/tools/ just to check and try to understand things on Google and I found that there are three websites who link the most to my website, total 69 links.

I checked these website but there were no links to my website and I don't understand why there are too many links. I Only visited these sites and offered comments on couple of them.

How can I know if these are unnatural links and what should I do to fix this?

Many thanks,

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Triblu Premium
Hey Mona,

When you comment on someone's post, and you leave your website URL in the box they offer, that then becomes a backlink to your website.

Should you ever discover a bad website that is linking to yours, you can Google search to find out how to ban them so their links will not hurt your Google ranking.

Hope this helps you.
monamassoud Premium
Thanks Triblu for the information. Now it's clear.