Is there a plugin that can improve page load speed?

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Dhind1 Premium
I use WP rocket, but as stated below there are others.
feigner Premium
try autoptimize and asyncjavascript and lazy load
and if you have videos on site hte lazy laod videos...
after the normal bits it is then site specific...
make sure your images are well optimized - they are almost hte first things i would look at...
i would try ewww or robin image optimizer to get the imagges down...
with autopitimze then try with and without sitespeed and clear the cache every time....there wil lbe a top line menu - hover over it and click clear cache...
try defering the google fonts under exrtras...
htere is no quick fix for speed problems and themes can make a difference
good luck
lucbizz Premium
With the latest WordPress version , lazy loading is implemented, so don't need a plugin, just make sure your images are optimized , there are plugins for that like Imagify.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Do you have SiteSpeed turned on for your websites? Most plugins are going to just cache the pages. SiteSpeed will do what most plugins will do.