Has anyone evaluated the effectiveness of getting an aioseo score of 100 on their posts. Is there a huge difference in search engine results and ranking for posts with 80 vs 100 aioseo acore?

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MoniqueRich Premium
Thanks, Dan, great question, great answers, I'll sure watch the video, but I don't really know how they measure the score. Has it something to do with adding links, pictures, quality content, word-counts? Sometimes I have a post score of 75 by another post, a score of 85, for me, it looks the same.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I don't think it matters too much. You go for as high score as possible and as long as in the top quarter you aren't far away.
Jessiefido Premium
Hey Dan, hope you are doing well my friend.

From my albeit limited experience here I believe somewhere between the 65-85 mark is considered a good score.

Anything more than that then you are doing brilliantly!

I believe it's better not to strive towards perfection, just keep posting with regularity, your quality content, then Mr G can't miss you!
baughsten Premium Plus
Sounds lie good advice. Thank you.
Jessiefido Premium
Always a pleasure Dan.

Enjoy your day my friend
RobbysGirl Premium
Personally once my score is above 85 I'm good. I don't push to make sure its 100. I focus on my content and then touch up as necessary for SEO.

I figure good content and SEO of 85 will work perfectly.

That's my logic. I'll follow on to see what others say as well.
Christorv Premium Plus
Great and sound advice Roberta 👏
Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Yeah, as we saw in Jay's training. The higher the score, the better.