I stumbled on Google sites today, is anybody using it? Can it be used to drive traffic to your website? Can it be used to post scripts from affiliate marketing?



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Great reply from JoseLuisR.
JoseLuisR Premium
Hi Jnsiah,
Google Sites is the Google product to create web sites as you mention. If you create two sites for the same niche, one in WA and another with Google sites, you will duplicate the efforts to maintain two sites. Besides, as you will be working on creating quality content/posts for your WA site, if you duplicate this content in your Google site, you would be penalized with the ranking for duplicate content. Instead, maybe you could use social media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on to share your posts from your WA main site and attract content through social media. Just an idea.
Best regards
Jnsiah Premium
Thanks for the advise JL
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mikewood1975 Premium
Looks like it is mostly for intranet and google docs cloud service. I don’t think it would be good for what we are doing. It doesn’t say it uses WordPress or anything about SEO.
joejr49 Premium
Yes, Google + is in the training, don't remember where exactly, maybe someone else can pinpoint.
TCraig1 Premium
Following. I had not been on it until I seen this post, but I just checked it out and would to know more about it as well.