Hi All,

May I know is a featured image size of 50kb-100kb acceptable?

Appreciate your thoughts.



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Triblu Premium
Hey RIchard,

Using my Fav software: and then manually optimizing them using tinyjpg.com

Most times my featured images are around the 50KB size, until Kraken optimizes them further when uploading them to my websites.

Also... I keep my Featured Images at 600 wide and as near to 315 in height as possible.

And, GeneratePress allows users to have the Featured Image displayed full width, which I choose to do.

My fav software makes such high quality images as to make THIS possible without causing pixilation of my images.

Hope you find this helpful.
lesabre Premium
Hi Richard, for me that image size will work for as long as the clarity is good. I use the same guide Ntlhane uses, I also see feigner has added some great information.

All the best,

feigner Premium
for me the answer is ...it depends...
if it is for a background image for your site then you may struggle with a bit of pixelization at that file size...
but images for your posts where you have text to hte left or right then i tend to go for 320 x (?) with a resolution of 72 dpi or less...
these turn into file sizes of between 10kb and 50kb max....
i have put 20 plus images at that size onto a post and still achieved speed scores into the 90's ( with lazy load on of course)
but if you are using the image full width of your post i would go for 640 x(?) again 10kb to 50kb if poss.....
i have even got header images down from 640kb to 32kb and it still looks good...
anything you can do to reduce image size will improve your loading speed....especially not putting a video at the top of the page 'above the fold'
so as small as possible to do the job....
ratlhaganen Premium
I asked a Similar question quite recently, Richard.

I think that is too small. The size should be min 500KB

Best image sizes:
480 x 640 - for thumbnail
800 x 600- product image

1270 x 950 - feature image

1500 x 400 header image
2500 x 2000 - Background image.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Very informative, thank you for your input.
OCH3943 Premium
Hi Ntlhane,

Thanks, but I'm asking about the physical file size of the feature image, not the pixel dimension.
ratlhaganen Premium
50KB still sounds too small. Maybe 250KB and above. Recommended 500KB min
OCH3943 Premium
Hi Ntlhane, my understanding is that that is too high and not good for your website load timing and will affect your SEO.
ratlhaganen Premium
That is true, more of a double-edged sword. I read from Carson that our sites have a program called Kraken and it helps with SEO and compression of our images so that they don't slow down our sites. Have a look at this.

OCH3943 Premium
I see.

Kraken is installed by default. There was a time when Kraken was not updated for a while after a major WordPress update. I saw a few blog posts on that and was advised to switch to Smush, which I did.

But I see Kraken is now updated already so I guess you can continue to use that. :)
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
That is possible as long as it is not unclear or vague, otherwise it is not an option
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Hanneke!