If I add Google xml sites plugin to my new site (which I'm using Yoast SEO), I get a conflicting message not to use Goolge XML because Yoast SEO already has a sitemap feature.

So I started searching here at WA and got one recommendation to install

Google Analytics by Yoast.

But I was wondering if there is any training on how to go about this, or if it's necessary for me to download the google analytics by yoast plugin to get my sitemap indexed by Google.

Any thoughts or advice from advanced website developers?



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tmaltz Premium
Thanks guys, great info and much appreciated. I ended up installing Google Analytics by Yoast and got my codes, etc. So we'll see. Dennis, I saw where the Yoast SEO had a sitemap, but wasn't sure if that was sufficient. Is there any advantage of having Google Analytics by Yoast that you know of? I'd rather not have more plugins, but wasn't sure what to do. Thanks again for taking the time and helping out.
Prestones Premium
Greetings Todd!

I have used Yoast SEO by itself without a problem. It has a section you can use to make and submit site maps to the search engines.

I've used it with the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin as well, but it's not necessary for site map submittal.

AngelaHall Premium
I followed the instructions in this article to migrate from All in One to Yoast