After I post a new blog on my website, how long can it take to get indexed with Google for the new post?

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bigrog44 Premium
It can take a week or maybe more. I wrote 21 posts and about 6 or 7 is indexed. Today, I have 1 of my contents indexed. I have to check out the email.
MinaKim Premium
There's no specific time frame. Some post get indexed faster and some are not.

I follow these 2 trainings from Nathaniell and EricCantu when I have a new post. Hope it'll help you too.

faster-in-google-with-webmaster-tools Mina
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi MinaKim, do I need to have Google Analytic set up to use the Google fetch? Thanks, johnny
mcb247 Premium
It can vary from months to just a few minutes ... To help the process you can head to your Google console account and add your new URL into the URL inspection tab this tells Google you have new content go and look which will help index quicker.