I have both a UA and G4 Google analytics (don’t ask how that happened) and it is causing serious anxiety. When I look at my search console using site kit, it’s taking me to the UA property, but it’s not receiving any data, when I look at coverage, the pages are showing “excluded”, and when I go to test that particular post/page, i get the error “ property not in account”.

It’s not a lot of data, but I really would like to just have one property so that I can see one set of data, I’m thinking, I just need to delete one property and then start over with site kit and have it recognize that property, I don’t think that will address excluded pages, but I think it will address the “property not in account” error that I’m getting

Any thoughts? Thanks

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may want to install Google Analytics if not done so already.

The Seo framework

https://theseoframework.com/docs/ https://theseoframework.com/docs/seo-data-migration/ You can use the Ad Inserter plugin, as you do not want to edit your themes files directly as you will lose your changes when the theme updates or if you change your theme. How to insert code for Google Analytics


AIO SEO > General Settings > Webmaster tools tab > Add the “whole code” to the miscellaneous verification section and save changes.

Then I go here http://gachecker.com/ verify my tracking code is working.

Tutorials ========================

WA recommends the SEO framework.

However if you are already using AIOSEO, then you can carry on using. as perhaps you may want to have a new niche site, you may then use the SEO framework, save messing up site (Kyle's recommendation).

You may also see Kyle’s comment on below resource discussion thread Hope this helps.
Pamshooter Premium Plus
One of the best videos I found to help with these issues is on youtube.